How to Get Bitcoins



If you happen to be a resident of some selected countries, you can buy bitcoin currency from If you own a US bank account, you can use it to obtain bitcoins through ACH. Alternatively, you can use a credit card (requires ID verification).

Coinbase is not only a bitcoin exchange platform, but also a convenient personal bitcoin wallet. If you have a smartphone, you can install the Coinbase app on it, so that you can perform bitcoin transactions wherever you go (an active Internet connection is required). With Coinbase mobile app you can transfer bitcoins to your friends, split a bill, pay for your online purchases and so much more. If you are looking for a powerful all-in-one bitcoin solution that can also be used on mobile, Coinbase is definitely a good option.

If you are going to be using Coinbase to pay for your orders from us, we recommend that you use another personal bitcoin wallet rather than make a direct transaction from Coinbase. This sequence of transfers between your wallets will allow you to enjoy a higher level of privacy and anonymity when using bitcoins. is the way to go if you are particularly concerned about safety and privacy when using bitcoins. provides such a safe environment for bitcoin transactions that their user funds are 100% safe - no thefts at all! This bitcoin exchange service relies on Two-Factor Authentication, along with Level 3 PCI Data Security Standard, to make sure that your bitcoin wallet and transactions data is safely encrypted. will require you to provide some personal data for user identification and verification of your bitcoin operations, but you can be sure that your information is not available to third parties and is safely stored by As an additional benefit, bitcoin transactions through generally occur quite fast, which makes one of the best and most reliable bitcoin exchange platforms.



Localbitcoins is going to be particularly attractive for buyers who would like to purchase bitcoins in cash. Visit to get connected to your local bitcoin sellers in over 200 countries. Such extensive coverage makes Localbitcoins the largest bitcoin trading platform where operations can be paid for in cash. Every seller who works with Localbitcoins can choose at what rate they are going to buy and sell bitcoins, so sometimes those rates are quite off the current market bitcoin exchange rates. To avoid purchasing bitcoins at an unreasonable rate, make sure that you are aware of the current rates offered by reputable global bitcoin exchange services at the time of your purchase.

Buying your bitcoins through Localbitcoins has the advantage of being able to use cash for your transactions, so there is a much higher level of buyer anonymity as compared to many other bitcoin exchanges. However, Localbitcoins is also one of the least convenient ways to obtain bitcoins. In addition, if you buy your bitcoins through Localbitcoins, you’ll likely have to pay a premium, which can be quite large.